Brooklyn Pizzeria

There’s a misconception that you can’t get great pizza in the South, but Spring Lake natives and visitors know that this isn’t true. Brooklyn Pizzeria is a cult classic, bringing an incredibly authentic flavor of New York right here to Spring Lake. This pizza is legit, with cracker-thin crust and pies baked right in front of you. It’s the perfect place to grab a Friday night pie or a couple of slices for lunch.

Located at: 1125 N Bragg Blvd, Spring Lake, NC 28390

Arctic Sno Snoballs

If you’re visiting Spring Lake in the summer (or really, most months), you’ll definitely want to cool off with something sweet. Arctic Sno Snoballs is easily spotted by the brightly colored patio, complete with umbrellas so you can grab some shade while you try one of their 80 snoball flavors. They even offer stuffed snoballs, with a center of cool vanilla ice cream.

Located at: 451 N Bragg Blvd, Spring Lake, NC 28390

Thai-Esan Restaurant

Thai-Esan is one of the most beloved Asian restaurants in Spring Lake. Owner Pennapa Hinnant is known for preparing authentic dishes that are specific to Esan, the northeastern region of Thailand. Their food is always fresh, affordably-priced, and has a rotational buffet so you can try something new at each visit. They also have a full menu with classic noodle dishes like Pad Thai, along with a variety of stir-fry, grilled meats, and curries.

Located at: 803 N Main St, Spring Lake, NC 28390

Noble Meats

If you’re in the South, you know barbecue is a must-try when you’re visiting a new place. Noble Meats is one of the best spots to stop at, with a menu featuring smoked brisket, ribs, chicken, and more. Noble is also known for its quality meat and butchery skills, so if you’re not traveling too far bring your ice chest and take home one of their meat bundles.

Located at: 2469 Lillington Hwy #1847, Spring Lake, NC 28390

El Tucan Mexican Restaurant

If you ask around for the best Mexican in the area, chances are someone will tell you “El Tucan.” This spot is unassuming, but aren’t all of the best Mexican spots? This highly-rated spot serves up an incredibly wide variety of Mexican dishes, just be ready to fight the Fort Bragg crowd at lunchtime.

Located at: 250 S Bragg Blvd, Spring Lake, NC 28390

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